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VersaTrak software is a Windows based web application capable of running on a choice of operating systems according to the scale of the monitoring requirements.

This US Department of Defence Military approved application runs on a number of physical or virtual platforms, and due to its different levels of user access (username or CAC) it is possible to acquire a full or partial overview of the system.

Simple, easy to read, visual displays use colour coding to highlight any threshold breach conditions directing the user to the piece of equipment in an alarm state

VersaTrak can accommodate any number of users and monitoring points across multiple locations with one software licence covering the entire system – no matter how much it may expand.

Our range of monitoring hardware technologies using Wired, Wi-Fi or RF wireless can connect to the software simultaneously allowing you to choose the appropriate mix of monitoring types for your facility.

A comprehensive range of sensor types, (Temperature, RH, CO2 and Differential Pressure) can be connected providing a single enterprise solution for all your critical monitoring.

In combination with our patented wireless transmitters the software automatically validates the system calibration against 4 certified reference points at pre-scheduled intervals (Every month). Calibration reports are stored electronically for future audits.

Alarm notifications employ “Intelligent Messaging” where users can respond directly from within the notification (Pop up PC messaging and e-mail) itself without having to access the software to acknowledge alarms and record corrective actions.

Alarm notifications can be configured as emails, pop up or text messages plus audible/ visual options together with a voice messaging function direct to users ‘phones allowing for customised, multiple, simultaneous alarm notification options.

The automatic push reporting function allows any system report to be sent directly a recipient’s mailbox, daily, weekly or monthly in a range of formats without the need to access the system. Snapshot reports of current temperatures of all equipment in a department can be sent via email to any recipient hourly intervals.

This function is complemented by our VersaTrak Mobile App that allows users access to the system via any smartphone or tablet via a WiFi or GSM connection enabling users to maintain surveillance of their critical products anywhere, anytime.

Our interactive cloud based Watchdog® service constantly monitors the system infrastructure for server or network issues and alerts designated recipients by email so that any system downtime can be minimized.

Key Features/benefits

One software suite for unlimited monitoring points and users

US Department of Defense approved

Desktop or Enterprise server options

Integrated automatic self -calibration of system

Multiple input interfaces for Wired, Wi-Fi and RF wireless monitoring devices

Watchdog service for 24/7/365 monitoring/alarming of system infrastructure

Mobile App allows access to the software anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet

Automated push reporting direct to users’ mailbox

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