• Automated wireless critical condition monitoring

    for critical product storage monitoring within any regulated facility


    for critical product storage monitoring within any regulated facility


    for critical product storage monitoring within any regulated facility


    for critical product storage monitoring within any regulated facility

Monitor – Alarm – Communicate – Resolve – Report

VERSATRAK- An automated digital condition monitoring system designed to easily integrate multiple wireless communications systems to monitor the condition of perishable products in storage and processing equipment via a range of application sensors.

Based on 20 year’s of customer experience and feedback VersaTrak is the future in wireless monitoring, featuring:

  • Automatic Calibration and Certification
  • Bi-directional communication between user and software
  • Choice of Wireless Technology
  • Mobile App (smartphone or android)
  • Range of sensors for various applications
  • Reports emailed direct to users’ mailbox
  • Watchdog System monitoring

VersaTrak Logo no BG smallIn the healthcare arena, VersaTrak supports the work of medical professionals by providing advanced, reliable technologies to maintain the quality of temperature sensitive medical products around the globe.

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A tailored solution, perfectly engineered for your needs

Automation – saves time!

AUTOMATICALLY … generates a range of bespoke historical data reports in Exel or PDF formats
AUTOMATICALLY … sends reports to recipient’s mailboxes
AUTOMATICALLY … cancels other multiple alert notifications once a notification is acknowledged
AUTOMATICALLY … monitors itself for operating system or network faults and generates alarm notifications
AUTOMATICALLY … validates system accuracy and maintains electronic records of certification

Automatic Calibration

VersaTrak’s patented Automatic Calibration technology allows you to validate and re-certify your system to an industry-traceable standard – at no additional cost.

To provide the highest degree of validation, four point calibration checks can be carried out automatically at pre-scheduled intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually) or as required. Why test only once per year when you can do it once per month with no effort or time. Combined with the probe certificates of test, system accuracy documentation is managed electronically within the software.

State of the Art Technology

VersaTrak is the next generation in wireless technology.  Created to be the most automated, regulatory compliant, intuitive and user friendly software interface available.

VersaTrak also offers the widest array of wireless technologies to benefit your organisation. If required, VersaTrak can implement Radio Frequency and Wi-Fi hardware within the same system, allowing accurate and reliable transmission.

One Solution- Multiple Users at Multiple Sites

An intelligent enterprise software application capable of running on any Windows OS platform, receiving data from numerous locations over a wide area network accessible via ANY proprietary web-browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, etc) with authorised access using password protection.

VersaTrak offers real-time global monitoring.

Intuitive and

Simultaneous use of WiFi and Radio Frequency transmitters, as required.

Intelligent messaging enables users to respond directly to email alarm notifications without having to access the software.

Access VersaTrak software from outside the facility using the secure Mobile App on your Smartphone (IOS or Android) via any 3G/4G or WiFi network.

Supports 10’s of sensor in one department, or 1000’s across an entire network of facilities at multiple locations

VersaTrak Watchdog™

In a continuing effort to provide the most robust centralized Wireless Monitoring System available, Veracity Group created Watchdog ™ to further improve an already very reliable system. When monitoring mission critical pieces of equipment, system failures can be a potential cause of product loss – especially when a failure goes undetected for a period of time. VersaTrak is the only system on the market with a specific application dedicated to detecting system failures.

With Watchdog ™ you can be absolutely certain that your critical records are being documented and logged.

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