Blood and Pathology Monitoring Services

Blood and tissue products need scrupulous condition and temperature monitoring. Blood is one of the most vital medical commodities, it is a precious fluid which cannot be manufactured and has to be gifted by the donor.

Blood has a significant cost to the health system; blood collection, testing and storage is timely and expensive and all storage facilities should eradicate wastage due to improper storage conditions .

Through continuous product development and technical innovation VersaTrak provides the very best continuous monitoring solutions for all blood and tissue products.

Key Features/benefits

FDA, AABB and Joint Commission compliance

FDA, AABB and Joint Commission compliance is automatically achieved with VersaTrak. The software cannot be manipulated thereby providing accurate, incorruptible auditable reports which can be delivered to anyone at any time.

Robust 24/7/365 monitoring and reporting

Our software was designed to be robust enough to meet today’s toughest industry standards. It provides 24/7/365 monitoring and reporting. VersaTrak can interrogate specific equipment or provide a system-wide report direct to your mailbox.

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