RF Wireless and WiFi system components

RF Wireless System

The Versatrak RF wireless range of transmitters provide options for Temperature, Temperature with Humidity, Equipment status and Analogue inputs.

These devices are enclosed in a plastic enclosure measuring 89 x 43 x 23 cm with a mounting bracket for easy installation and maintenance and connections for our range of application sensors/probes.

An optional waterproof enclosure is available for extreme/humid environments with mounting bracket.

Operating at either 800 or 900 MHz frequency ranges depending on country regulations these transmitters use a 3v Lithium battery to provide the power to broadcast their data readings every 5 minutes to the VersaHub or VersaBase receivers for up to 8 years.

The temperature transmitters have the optional add- on of a battery operated certified system calibrator (See ANC system) which connects between the probe and transmitter to provide automatic 4-point calibration of the system at pre -determined intervals managed by the software. All the test result data with probe records including the certification are stored within the software for reporting and audit.

Signal Repeaters using an AC-DC power adaptor with back up battery can be positioned between the transmitters and receiver to enhance the broadcast distance or optimise the wireless network in a specific area. Typical broadcast distances of 100-300m are possible at this frequency depending on the environment.

VersaHubs are wall mountable enclosures which contain the RF wireless receiver and process controller that buffers data collected from an unlimited number of transmitters in its memory before forwarding it on to the VersaTrak software through an ethernet connection. In the event of a network connection fault all data is maintained and sent to the software once the connection is resumed. An external DC power supply connects to the nearby AC power supply.

VersaBase wall mountable devices contain the wireless receiver and network interface with no data memory capacity. An external DC power supply connects to the nearby AC power supply.

WiFi Wireless system

wi-fiThe VersaTrak range of WiFi transmitters connect to any proprietary WiFi Access point using standard 802.11/g protocols and encrypted security features – just like your smartphone or laptop.

The device incorporates single or multiple inputs for temperature, temperature and humidity and contact status with data logging to an integrated memory of up to 3000 readings that can be stored until the WiFi connections allows the data transfer to the software.

The same range of universal sensor options are available as the RF transmitters plus there are transmitters with integrated differential pressure, CO2 and temperature/humidity that all use the benefits of the VersaTrak software data display, reporting and alarm management features.

The temperature transmitters are provided with the integrated Automatic Calibration system (ANC) that can be activated at the time of purchase or after the install with 5 years of certified calibration validation.

Internal 3v AA lithium batteries can be used as the primary power source or in conjunction with an external 12v Dc supply as a back-up facility. User configurable transmission and logging settings allow users to exploit the sleep function to maximize battery life.

Bi-directional communications over the WiFi network allow users to adjust configurations from within the software and an LED provides local alarm indication in addition to the usual software notifications.

Universal Probes for the Wireless transmitters

A range of sensor options are available for the WiFi and RF transmitter types to fulfil specific application needs

The VersaTrak temperature probes are designed and manufactured to optimise accuracy and performance with versions for typical food service applications where tolerance and validity are not so demanding to our Laboratory Grade range that offer higher tolerance on their accuracy with 3- year certification.

Food simulant types are available to mimic the storage conditions for chilled and frozen foods to better represent the true temperature conditions of the refrigerated storage.

Our Laboratory grade certified glycol probes use glass bottles similar to those used for vaccines so that the displayed temperatures in the software reflect the actual temperature status of the stored vaccine with tolerances of +/-0.1°C, over the range.

Specially designed blood bag probes are used in blood bank refrigerated storage to exactly mimic the storage conditions experienced by the blood products -allowing accurate monitoring.

Our Cryo temperature probes use cable with stainless steel braiding for use in ultra-low freezers and equipment down to -200 °C

Specific sensors for Incubator CO2 monitoring or differential pressure in clean rooms are available for integration with the analogue transmitters completing the full scope of critical condition monitoring required in a regulated facility.

Probe certification management is managed within the software – a new probe serial number is entered against a piece of equipment and the certification and product information is automatically pulled down from the VersaTrak document library to populate the calibration record fields.

Key Features/benefits

Combined wireless & wired technology

Simultaneous mix of wireless and wired technology types with the same software.


Wired multi-channel input device for monitoring in secure sensitive areas.

Multiple sectors

Range of application specific sensors for critical monitoring in all sectors

Optional “add on” calibration validator

Optional “add on” calibration validator for RF wireless transmitters

Data loss protection

VersaHubs with data memory to eliminate data loss during any network communication fault

WiFi transmitters connect to any existing WiFi network

WiFi transmitters connect to any existing WiFi network with secure WPA2 encryption and automatic data transfer

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