Maintaining server room environment integrity – automatically

Server Rooms typically house expensive electronic and computing equipment, often storing the proprietary data for any given facility. Businesses wish to avoid losing critical equipment from overheating rooms due to HVAC failures, corrosion and rusting from high humidity, or outright damage from water leaks by deploying remote monitoring systems.

In secure computer environments where access is restricted the use of wireless monitoring devices is prohibited. Versatrak software has the option of receiving critical environmental status data using networked wired interfaces with up to 8x input channels.

Versatrak is an approved DOD US military application that can be deployed as a centralised monitoring solution across multiple data/server centres, communications rooms and HVAC systems at regional bases.

A variety of sensors are available that can be assigned to a specific rack or room providing temperature, humidity and water leak conditions simultaneously to the software display using the VersaTrak alarm management to alert users of any breach to the normal status.

Key Features/benefits

Wired multichannel interface for up to 8 sensors

Variety of sensor types for computer environments

Watchdog service for 24/7/365 monitoring/alarming of system infrastructure

Mobile App allows access to the software anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet

Automated push reporting direct to users’ mailbox

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