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When considering a “centralized wireless temperature monitoring system” it is important to consider the “overall system accuracy”. This includes the accuracy of the probes through the electronics of the temperature transmitter, the receiver, the network and the system software calculations, the database storage, and the data display to the end user.

All measurement systems have inherent inaccuracies. These inaccuracies can also change over time, depending upon the operating conditions, and therefore monitoring systems require regular on-going validation.

Frequent system component validation leads to greater confidence in the measured data. Establishing a testing/validation protocol and maintaining detailed records is critical for any facility to demonstrate regulatory compliance. However, correctly validating and recording the accuracies of the system components is an on-going operational expense – which can be an expensive recurring cost. To maintain a wireless system traceability, you must address the two components, the probes and the transmitters.

There are a few ways to monitor and maintain system accuracy:

  1. EXTERNAL LAB METHOD: The entire system (all transmitters and probes) are periodically removed and sent to a lab for testing and recertification. It does not validate the accuracy of the rest of your wireless network and software.
  1. ON -SITE VALIDATION: The most common practice for on-going traceability validation. Each transmitter must be individually tested by disconnecting the existing probe and connecting it to an external traceable device that will send a certified resistance (temperature) through the system to validate the accuracy of each transmitter and the software. Although more practical than removing the entire system, it can be very costly for a technician to perform the testing on site, typically once per year. The entire process must be repeated each and every time calibration/validation is
  1. VersaTrak – Automatic Calibration system (ANC) provides automatic on-going transmitter calibration/validation at no additional cost or time by using a patented technology for “transmitter through software” calibration. It is performed automatically at pre-scheduled intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually), or on demand, without ever having to physically interact with any of the transmitters in the facility. Why test only once per year when you can do it once per month, automatically?

    VersaTrak ANC Licensed transmitters check their accuracy against integrated certified validation technology. The test and actual values are recorded on the electronic validation certificate. If any of the tested values are outside the accepted tolerance then they fail the calibration.

    Temperature probes are supplied with their own Certificate of accuracy. The combination of the transmitter ANC Certificate and the probe Certification provides your traceable Total System Accuracy.

All calibration documents are maintained in the system software for easy retrieval. The user can select any transmitter /probe validation session to print/re-print the certification at any time.

Key Features/benefits

Transmitters with integrated certified calibration technology

5 year validation certification

Optional “add on” validator for existing transmitters

Software automatically controls frequency and recording of test results

Users able to select validation frequency. All calibration documentation (tests results and certificates) stored in software

Automatic reporting direct to user’s mailbox of calibration failures and expiring equipment

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